Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scuba Diving Experience

Scuba Diving Experience at Carabao Dive Center Davao 

We stayed underwater for 20-30mins. I didn't really appreciate the scene as I was too scared to death. You have to focus on proper breathing else, you'll get yourself drown in the waters. Half the time, I was holding the goggles with my hands to avoid any airspace. We were taught how to remove water from our goggles while submerged, I just forgot how to do it so I panicked on my first jump.  

Also, the boat rocked like crazy in the middle of the sea, almost everyone of us puked before the diving begins. It was fun though and definitely memorable but I think, I shall never try this again.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Set of Bucket List

Buy an iPhone or any smart phone (but I badly want an iphone)
and iPAD or Samsung Galaxy Tab
buy a new bed
and a lamp
and vanity chair
buy a swatch
Gucci bangle with interchangeable rings
Franchise Siomai House
Buy a new hiking bag
and a luggage set (4 wheeled)
buy new shoe cabinet
and china cabinet
buy a Corelle Dinnerware Set
Print photos
Re-touch old photos by a professional
Laminate my diploma :)
and grad pic
Family picture (framed)