Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Bucket List Part 2

Blind Date LMAOOOO!
Visit Boracay, Cebu and Bohol
Learn the basics of polymer clay art
Learn to bake pastries
Learn to cook "puto" "putopao" "leche flan"etc.
pimp my bedroom
buy a MAC computer
Travel Alone
Buy curlers
then go to the office with my hair curled LOL
Find a Txt Mate LMAOOOOO
Experience Autumn, Spring

Visit Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand
Spend a vacation in a 5 star hotel
Breakfast via Room Service

Will add more next time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to VIGAN Heritage Village

Visiting Vigan with friends last January 2010. This place is a little eerie but very very lovely and romantic esp. by night! Provides a nostalgic feeling when you walk around the village. The people who have lived here must be very rich. The houses are huge and beautiful. A must place to visit. Make sure to try their suka and empanada.

Jump on the Sea

Jumping at Patar Beach, Pangasinan. The waves are awesome. Taken last Dec05, 2010, Team Building.

Meet My Biggest Crush, Dao Ming Su

Don't we look good together? I heart you Dao Ming Su! You're my first ever Asian Cutie Obsession LOL. Taken at one of his Bench ads several years back. Haven't met him yet, and probably I wont be able to in  this lifetime :( but it's ok, I'm happy to have this picture at least LMAO

Go White Water Rafting

Done it twice. 2008 and 2009. 1st one with my blogpals and the other, with my family. A bit pricey, 2K for a single ride but it's FUN FUN FUN!

Learn To Surf

Surfing lesson at Sebay La Union. Fail. HAHAHA. I didn't really learn to stand on that board, dang, it was hard! I couldn't help myself to get up, ok, I actually was able to stand up for like 2 sec. only. It was soo much fun! Not scared at all. I am definitely going to go back at Sebay and try this all over again.  

Learn to prepare sushi

More detailed information can be found in MYNOSEBLEED.COM