Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Basket List

Here's the list of the things I'll have to do before I kick in the bucket.

Learn the Korean alphabet
and language, araso?
Japanese and Spanish as well
Learn to speak in british accent, haha
Visit to a castle
Learn to prepare sushi
Watch the sunset…
On a picnic under the tree, with a blanket, lunch box and sushis
Hold hands and ice skate with someone, while it’s snowing HAHAHA
Watch a foreign film or Broadway and pretend to really like it
Fly to Batanes to drink coffee
One more day in my college pants
Learn to cross stitch
and to sew a dress
and curtains
Bake a cake for my birthday
and my friends’ birthdays
buy an oven and mixer and baking pans
and enroll at Henny Sison’s
Read all the booksat home
visit to the Universal Studios
buy an SLR
and learn photography
Jump into the sea,
from a helicopter
with a life vest (I’m a fan of Fear Factor lol)
witness a miracle
to change the life of someone for the better
to become a channel of blessing for others awwww
to have an amazing close up photo with blurred background HAHAHA
spend a week in a luxurious cruise getaway
drive a convertible Ferrari haha
Get in touch with the people I have lost touch with
Become friends with some people I hate, that includes ex and his wife, ROTFL
Join a TV game show, like hole in the wall or Game KNB or amazing race
And win the grand prize
Buy a farm
Build a real bahay kubo
and plant mango trees
or develop a resort
Learn to surf
Build a Zen inspired garden with a tree house
and care for a cute pet, preferably a dog that doesn’t bite and bark haha
Perfect the art of cooking
and preparing gourmet meals
Sky jump in Macau Tower
A ride in a Venetian Gondola
Take up short courses at MFI
Enroll in a grad school, haha, ok, I’m serious.
Put up a kick ass online store
and create enough passive income so that I don’t have to work another day in my life
Create something beautiful
Learn at least one magic trick
experience shopping galore in Thailand
Buy insurance policy
Walk the streets of Paris
A visit to Louvre Museum
Buy just one LV bag
Bore a twin
Or adopt a baby boy
buy a nice and comfy bed
build my dream house
buy dinner plates and glasses
and a nice pair of sexy underwear
Learn Taichi
Take a dance class
See Philharmonic orchestra
Watch concerts on Valentine
Watch the Pyrolympics
Go & see what a gay bar is like
Go bungee jumping
Go scuba diving
Try water skiing
Ride on a motorcycle
Try zip lining
Tarpaulin Slide at Maxima Aquafun Adventure
Ride on a yacht
buy a lazyboy chair
Play paintball
Visit the museums around Metro
See the Pyramids of Egypt
Ride a horse
and elephant
Learn to play one piano piece
Run a Milo marathon
early morning jogging in UP
Attend morning exercise at QC Circle or Luneta, HAHA
Go white water rafting
care for a cute doggie who sits and crawls
Ride a mechanical bull
Take a first aid course
Give to charity
Float in the air
Throw a surprise party for someone
Organize an event / family reunion
Swim with the Butandings lols
Have my portrait painted, framed and displayed
Send a message in a bottle
Send post cards
Collect picture frames
Join a cause and spend time helping it
Ask someone you’ve only just met to go on a date
Fall deeply in love – madly, passionately, helplessly and unconditionally.
Own one very expensive but absolutely wonderful business suit
Write my own "will"
Sleep under the stars
Go up in a hot-air balloon
Attend one really huge rock concert
Go fishing
Create my Family Tree
Drink a bottle of beer (in all my 20+ years of existence, i haven't even finish a bottle yet)
Make a bouquet of flowers
Attend Sinulog Festival,
Baguio's Panagbenga,
Pahiyas in Lucban,
Kadayawan in Davao
and Masskara in Bacolod
Visit Boracay, Pagudpud, Panglao, Camiguin, Caramoan
and VIGAN Heritage Village
Picture with Jun Pyo, whatever it takes hahaha
Learn how to swing and tango
Learn archery/shooting
Play golf
See Japan's Cherry Blossoms
and the Acropolis in Greece
Attend a pottery class
Learn to make candles
and origami
Master the Art of wire jewelry making
Shake hands with someone popular
Picture with my biggest crush, Dao Ming Su
Donate blood
Try the Wensha spa
Invest in the stock market.
Pick apples on a tree
Grow a bonsai tree
Send my parents on their dream vacation
Ride a kalesa
Watch movie in an open air
Watch Pooh and Pokwang Live

Plus many more to come!